Reading Knitting Patterns -

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Reading Knitting patterns can seem quite intimidating, but we will help you demystify those instructions in this 2 hour session! 

We will help illuminate the mysteries of the knitting pattern.  Our focus will be on helping you translate written instructions and charts into something you can actually do with yarn and needles. From common abbreviations, to reading charts, to frequently-used conventions and shortcuts.   And last but not least, we'll discuss common pitfalls when working a pattern and how to avoid them.

Skills Needed: This class willl be most uselful for knitters who know at least the the basics of knitting. 101-102 levels.  Newer knitters are welcome, but you will want to be familiar with the basics of knitting including recognizing different stitches, increasing and decreasing.  

Please Bring: note taking materials, and perhaps a pattern or two that are causing you trouble for discussion! 

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