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Crochet your colleague, your favourite film star or even make a mini you - and then dress them up! Dress your Dad in his Sunday best, and your boyfriend in his favourite football team’s strip. Does your best friend secretly wish of stars and spaceships as opposed to spreadsheets, transform her into an astronaut and make your little girl’s dreams come true with the perfect pink princess dress.

Although not the Edward’s Menagerie animals Kerry has become infamous for, these crochet dolls still use the same amigurumi style of crochet, and the British double crochet stitch. It’s a brilliant book with a full photo gallery of different designs - there’s a ballerina, a superhero, a bride and groom, a cowboy and a chef to just pick out a couple!

Fully customisable with basic and advanced options for separate digits on the hands and the addition of beads and stubble, and a detailed Technicals section packed with tips and tricks for mirroring your mate - down to skin and hair tones, determining how to dress them and how to add the finer details down to tattoos, lipstick and even their shoes if you know someone that’s never seen without their branded trainers, all supported by step by step photo tutorials.

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