Knitting with Variegated Yarn: Tips & Tricks 

Variegated yarn has a variety of colours dyed onto the skein, and are often the most eye catching when you are in a store. Some of the variegated colours are subtle and stay within certain colour families, other vary wildly from light to dark, from muted to bright all in the same skein. So many of these yarns are stunning in their skeins, but when you knit with them, they might not work for the pattern you originally had in mind.

That's why it's best to choose patterns that have a lot of texture, to help the colour shift blended together in a more pixelated fashion. Others that have variegation that is a little more subtle will work great in stockinette as well, but we always recommending swatching so that you can see how the yarn's colours will combine in the stitches. 

If you are knitting a project that has more than one skein, you may want to alternate skeins every couple of rows to help the colours blend together more effectively. This is a good tip whenever working with any hand dyed yarns, as colours can vary quite a bit from one dye lot to the next!

Here are some free pattern idea that showcase variegated yarns: 

Top Row, from Left to Right: Reyna Shawl, Azzu's Shawl, Rose City Rollers Ankle Socks
Bottom Row, from left to Right: Thinking of You Shrug, Escama del Dragon cowl, Aquaphobia Socks 
We have loads of great yarns in stock that would be perfect for any of these patterns, and our helpful team is here to help if you are having trouble deciding! Helping customers pick out yarn is the best, it's like we're shopping, too! Another idea is to pick a pattern that calls for stripes or two different colours, and using a classic solid colour, like white, black, or grey, and alternate with a coordinating a variegated skein. If you are looking for ideas, let us know!
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