How to Finally Use THAT Skein in Your Stash

We all have at least a couple- that lone skein of a variegated or speckled yarn that you have no idea what to make with. Maybe it was leftover from a larger project, maybe you thought you'd knit something with it one day and it just never happened. Maybe you love the colourway, or maybe you loved it once and now that love is petering out into a 'kind of like'. Regardless, It's been in your stash for too long and it's high time you use it. 

Those lone skeins are often made even lovelier by combining it with one or two solid colour yarns. When looking at patterns that have two or more colours, even when they are solid in the pattern, think about what it could look like with one or more of those colours being a speckled or a variegated colourway- what other solid or semi-solid colourways would look good with them? Here are some free knitting pattern ideas for using a skein or two of a speckled or variegated yarn, and pairing it with another colour to help tame it and get it out of your stash and into a beautiful finished object!


Top Row, Left to Right: Biscotte's SheepsDeco Fans Cowl 
Middle Row, Left to Right: Latvian Blooms, Akay Mittens 
Bottom Row, Left to Right: Gateway to Rustic, Pine Sway Cowl

For crochet ideas, here are some great free crochet pattern ideas that would be perfect for destashing, or taming a variegated or speckled colourway that you are having trouble using by partnering it with a nice neutral: 
Top row, Left to Right: Magdalen SocksLost in Time Shawl (This one is a favourite free crochet pattern that works with just about any yarn!)
Bottom Row, Left to Right:  Cherry HeartBlack & White Mittens - imagine swapping out the white for a variegated or a speckled colourway instead!
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