Great Gradient! Everything You Need to Know about Working with Gradient Yarn

What's the difference between gradient and 'ombre'? Ombre is when all the colours in the skein are in the same colour family, and move from light to dark. So a skein that is light blue and moves to dark blue - even a nearly black blue - is ombre.  Gradient is when colours shift gradually into each other, but are not from the same colour family. Rainbow would be a gradient, or a yellow that changes into green that changes into blue would be a gradient. There is no limit to the number of colours that can be in a gradient, it is all about the gradual transitions between one colour to the next.... in a blending of sorts. 

Gradients, both those that are made by dyers in the skein or those created by arranging multiple skeins, have really gained in popularity recently with the rise of 'Fade' knitting patterns by designers like Andrea Mowry. It's easy to see why they are popular, too!  Some are included in our gradient pattern picks below: 

Top Row, Left to Right: Luckdragon Shawl, So Faded Pint Sized, Seabrook Shawl, Comfort Fade Cardi

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Arlequin Shawl, Party of Five Cowl, Free Your Fade, Fuss Free Festival Shawl

Creating your own colour ombres can be a lot of fun, too. Working with a specific yarn that has a wide colourway range, you can custom build with light to dark shades of whichever colour you choose! Shibui has great shade ranges for all of their colours, for example, and Sweet Georgia's Party of Five Mini Skeins are another great choice for smaller projects.

Come on in and let us show you how to put together something amazing!  We have lots of options for building your own colourways... but we also have great ombre and gradient yarns in stock, including: 
  • Shirley Brian 4-Ply Cotton Gradient Cakes
  • Katia Melody Ombre and Gradient 
  • Sweetgeorgia Party of Fives Kits 
Come in and find something that you are going to love!
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